Prof. Gad Yair

Full Time Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology, Full Professor
Journal Articles: 60 (Average impact: 1.07)
Journal Reviews: 55 (Average impact: 1.35)
Student Advising: 18 PhD, 26 M.A
Grants Awarded: USD 452,500 -- ILS 280,000 -- EU 225,000

H-Index: 14
Total Citations: 580
Recent Forum Discussion: Papers per Dollar

Research Agenda

My research interests are centered on the role of cultural codes in social theory and the sociology of education and higher education. My recent publications have focused on the analysis of The Golem Narrative in German Social Theory (2008). A year later I published another book on culture and theory as appearing in Pierre Bourdieu's French habitus. This book is titled: Pierre Bourdieu, The Last Musketeer of the French Revolution (2009). In 2011 I published The Code of Israeliness: The Ten Commandments for the 21st Century. The book exposes the deep codes of Israeli culture. Written for lay people no less than academics, it explains Israeli culture in terms of the clash between Judaism and Zionism around interpreting the ancient traumas that haunt the Jewish people - from ancient Egypt to modern Iran.

Interests in Higher Education

I am interested in higher education and academic excellence for more than a decade. I have studied and published on academic productivity and teaching in higher education, and investigated the structure of citation networks in different scientific disciplines and national mobility of Noble Laureates. I also have wide experience in administration in higher education, with duties in the Council of Higher Education and The National Academy of Science. I also participate in assessment and promotion procedures outside the Hebrew University. These various interests and roles set the agenda of my efforts to develop tools for promoting excellence in higher education.

Current Roles

I am the Director of the NCJW Research Institute for Innovation in Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I am also the Chief Scientific Advisor to