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Information Effects on the Bid-Ask SpreadDan Galai19831625
On the Costs of a Bank-Centered Financial System: Evidence from the Changing Main Bank Relations in JapanYishay Yafeh1998843
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Dynamic Patterns of Trading Volume and DisagreementIlan Kremer20100
The Relationship of Rules of Thumb to the InternalRate of Return: A Restatement and GeneralizationHaim Levy19690
Valuation, Leverage and the Cost of Capital in theCase of Depreciable AssetsHaim Levy19730
Economic Valuation of Voting Rights of Common StockHaim Levy19830
Endogenous Benchmarks and Performance EvaluationEugene Kandel20140
Payment for Order Flow on NasdaqEugene Kandel19990
Effect of Market Reform on the Trading Cost and Depths of Nasdaq StocksEugene Kandel19990