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Sequence specificity of methylation in higher plant DNAHoward Cedar1981796
Allele specific replication timing of imprinted gene regionsHoward Cedar1993450
Substrate and sequence specificity of a eukaryotic DNA methylaseHoward Cedar1982426
Replication structure of the human ?- globin gene domainHoward Cedar1993319
methylation models histone acetylationHoward Cedar1998289
Origin and development of the Philippine SeaZvi Ben-Avraham1972251
Asynchronous replication and allelic exclusion in the immune systemHoward Cedar2001243
Photoconductance and inverse photoconductance in films of functionalized metal nanoparticlesAbraham Nitzan2009205
Asynchronous replication of imprinted genes is established in the gametes and maintained during developmentHoward Cedar1999190
Demethylation of CpG islands in embryonic cellsHoward Cedar1991157
Protein kinase C is required for light adaptation in Drosophila photoreceptorsZvi Selinger1993151
Lost Pacifica continentZvi Ben-Avraham1977149
In situ nick-translation distinguishes between active and inactive X chromosomesHoward Cedar198393
The amazing demethylase,Howard Cedar199979
An extinct spreading centre in the Philippine SeaZvi Ben-Avraham197265
Neuroscience: rewiring the adult brainIlan Chet200556
Triggering positive competitionAda Yonath200610
Running around in circlesYoseph Imry19902
Regulated expression of an introduced MHC H-2K1 gene in murine embryonal carcinoma cellsHoward Cedar19840
gene transcription in cultured mouse embryo cells is increased following adenovirus infectionHoward Cedar19850
The establishment of transcriptional competence in early and late S-phaseHoward Cedar20020
Clonal allelic predetermination of immunoglobulin-kappa rearrangementHoward Cedar20120
Sp1 elements protect a CpG island from de novo methylationHoward Cedar19940
Genomic imprinting: action at a distance (News and Views)Howard Cedar19950
On the wings of imaginationAaron Ciechanover20110
The imprinting box of the mouse Igf2r geneAharon Razin19990
Clonal allelic predetermination of immunoglobulin-κ rearrangementHoward Cedar20120
Establishment of transcriptional competence in early and late S phaseHoward Cedar20020
Gene expression. The amazing demethylaseHoward Cedar19990
DNA methylation models histone acetylationHoward Cedar19980
Genomic imprinting. Action at a distanceHoward Cedar19950
Replication structure of the human beta-globin gene domainHoward Cedar19930
Allele-specific replication timing of imprinted gene regionsHoward Cedar19930
Increased MHC H-2K gene transcription in cultured mouse embryo cells after adenovirus infectionHoward Cedar19850
Regulated expression of an introduced MHC H-2K bm1 gene in murine embryonal carcinoma cellsHoward Cedar19840
Johnson type haptoglobinBracha Ramot19620
Distribution of the serum group-specific components in IsraelBracha Ramot19620
Distribution of heptoglobin types in IsraelBracha Ramot19610
Erythrocyte glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase-deficient subjects: enzyme-level in salivaBracha Ramot19600
Adenosine triphosphate metabolism in the rabbit erythrocyte in vivoBracha Ramot19580
Activation of protein kinase C augments evoked transmitter releaseRami Rahamimoff19870
Is extracellular calcium buffering involved in regulation of transmitter release at the neuromuscular junction?Rami Rahamimoff19830
Is hyperosmotic neurosecretion from motor nerve endings a calcium-dependent process?Rami Rahamimoff19770
Dual action of praseodymium (Pr3+) on transmitter release at the frog neuromuscular synapseRami Rahamimoff19740
Inhibitory action of sodium ions on transmitter release at the motor end-plateRami Rahamimoff19670
Photosystem I gene cassettes are present in marine virus genomesNathan Nelson20090
The structure of a plant photosystem I supercomplex at 3.4 A resolutionNathan Nelson20070
Crystal structure of plant photosystem INathan Nelson20030
Q\&A: The technology starterDan Shechtman20130
Pauling's model not universally acceptedDan Shechtman19860