Some comments and suggestions

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Mr. Amnon Kruvi

Gadi, the customization settings cannot affect the front page.

I'm afraid, however, that letting each person pick their own front page would be redundant - people can, as Gadi explained, choose which tables will appear on their Complete CV page, and the front page is simply a highlight of that. Also, since the information is processed before display, the user will always be limited to whatever data we have written functions to display for the front page. That being said, it is possible to add customization to the front page, but it seems more of a future feature at the moment.

Regarding links, we don't have a rich text editor in the CV is for several reasons: allowing HTML tags will allow customization of the display (inline css, display tags), which could lead to some funky-looking pages. Also, when printing your CV from PDF, we can't carry over the clicking functionality to plain paper (As much as I'd love to see electronic paper used widely - I thought this is the year 2010), and the print would just show "click here" instead of the actual address.